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Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Buying readymade birthday invitations might be convenient, but it lacks that personal touch that makes such occasions special. Moreover, making birthday invitations at home means that the child becomes more involved in this activity, and hence it adds to the excitement and overall flavor of the experience for both parents and children. Stimulate your child’s imagination and create your own birthday invitations using simple everyday items.

Here are a few ideas for your kid’s birthday invitations. When creating invitations for your child’s birthday party, you need to make sure it contains all the important information. Nevertheless, you also want to get the other kids excited about the party, while giving people an idea of what your child’s interests are to help guide their gift selections.

Spin art or other splash art projects can be done on card stock as a fun art project with your child. Let these dry, place vellum printed with the party information over the card stock, and attach with ribbon.

You can also use a colored copy of a favorite photo that captures your child’s personality. Use this as a focal point of the invitation with the pertinent information underneath it. Alternatively, let your child be the person inviting people with a big “Come to My Party!” centered above his picture.

Make a small gift item and customize it as a birthday invitation. It can be anything from a cute paper mask, a balloon, or an even tiny flowerpot. Go with whatever takes your fancy, don’t set limits to your imagination when it comes to making birthday invitations. Ask the child to pick something small like a paper doll or a bright birthday hat and involve your children in the invitations making process. This is a perfect way to create birthday memories. In the invitations, make sure to mention all the details of the birthday party, including date, time, and location.

A great idea for a birthday invitation is transforming CD sleeves into creative invitations. You can either draw or paint a picture of a birthday cake, the child’s favorite cartoon or any other thing related to the theme or the mood of the party. Always remember to add information about the birthday party on the back of the drawing. Insert the drawing inside a paper CD sleeve so that the drawing is visible through the see through circle.

Lastly, another very popular idea is a balloon invitation card. Write all the party specifics on a piece of paper. Roll the paper up and inset it inside the balloon. To make it really exciting for the person receiving the card, add some confetti inside the balloon and blow it up.

You have a unique birthday invitation waiting to be sent. Children who receive the balloon invitation can pop the balloon to get the invitation out. Another great balloon invitation idea is to write the party details on the balloon with colorful magic markers.